Our Services

Pet Rehabilitation

Each animal is individually assessed by a specially trained veterinarian and a comprehensive rehabilitation program is developed. Incorporating a number of therapies, this treatment plan is implemented including instructions on how to continue the treatment at home. Read More


Our state of the art underwater treadmill helps to take the strain off tired bones and muscles allowing pets to have a more normal walking pattern. This aids in the development of the appropriate muscles. The heated water helps to soothe muscles and can also promote circulation to help healing. For those overweight patients, hydrotherapy can help to kick-start weight loss. Read More


Dr Rebecca holds an internationally recognised qualification in veterinary acupuncture in addition to her studies in Rehabilitation. This combined with her years of experience as a veterinarian allows her to incorporate acupuncture into many treatment programs. Read More

We work with your vet

At Rebound, we are committed to a 'One Health' philosophy. The treatments which we institute are meant to speed up recovery and enhance the results you are already seeing. Whilst a veterinary referral is not required, it is recommended to ensure that we are aware of all your pets medical history. We will also send information about the treatments your pet has been receiving to keep your vet well informed.